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General Information

The United Grain Holding (UGH) was established pursuant to the instructions of the Head of the State, announced on January 27, 2012, in the Address to the People of Kazakhstan, “Socio-economic modernization - main vector of development of Kazakhstan”, and at the enlarged meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 23, 2013.

The UGH was created on June 21, 2013, by concluding the contract on joint cooperation (Contract) between the NC Food Corporation JSC and Union of Farmers of Kazakhstan SPA, in the form of a simple partnership, i.e. unincorporated.

Participation in the UGH is open and voluntary, any member of the grain market has the right to join the UGH and withdraw from it (in the order prescribed by the Contract).

The UGH members have equal rights, as well as retain their legal and economic independence. Participation in the holding does not involve contribution by its members of financial deposits, assets or other fees, including for the maintenance of the authorities of the UGH.

The joint cooperation within the UGH is confined in the production of grain, its subsequent sales on the domestic and foreign markets and distribution of the revenues among the members of the UGH.

At the time, 110 grain producers from 7 regions of Kazakhstan, which are small and medium-sized farms with the acreage from 200 to 20 000 ha, are members of the UGH. Of them, the vast majority, or about 80% are small farms with the acreage of up to 5000 ha. Today, the total sown area of the grain producers, who have joined the UGH, is about 440 thousand hectares.