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Information about seeking a prospective partner

Ak Biday-Terminal Joint Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as the Association) announces the search for a prospective partner to participate in the activity of another legal entity on the following conditions:

  1. The Association's possible share in the authorized capital of a commercial legal entity - no more than 49 (forty-nine) percent.
  2. The purpose of the legal entity's activities is to generate (derive) income.
  3. The main type of activity of the legal entity - forwarding (freight forwarding) services.
  4. The legal entity, participation where can be offered to the Association, must carry out its activity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  5. Absence of financial claims from third parties and overdue tax liabilities of the legal entity, participation in which can be proposed to the Association.
  6. Granting the Association the right to vote at least 50 (fifty) percent, when making decisions at the general meetings of shareholders (participants).

Proposals of prospective partners with indication of the suggested share of participation of the Association, amount of contribution to the authorized capital of the prospective partner and other above mentioned conditions shall be submitted to the Company at the following address:,  microdistrict 8, building 43, office of Ak Biday-Terminal JSC, office "Reception", Mangistau Region, Aktau, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Deadline for submission of proposals: within one month from the date of publication of this information.

Contact phones: 8 (7292) 502-377, 526-534                        

The prospective partner with the proposal must provide the following documents:

  1. Originals or notarized copies of documents confirming the presence of money on the accounts, property rights of the prospective partner and the value of immovable and movable property.
  2. Original of financial statement for two full previous financial years prepared in accordance with Articles 2, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 of Kazakhstan Law dated February 28, 2007 "On Accounting and Financial Reporting" or International Financial Reporting Standards. In case if prospective partner carries out activity less than two years, financial statement is presented for the period from the moment of state registration. Organizations, which have subsidiary organizations, in addition to financial report on activity of principal organization compose and submit consolidated financial report in accordance with Article 17 of Law of Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 28, 2007 "On Accounting and Financial Reporting", or International Financial Reporting Standards.
  3.  Information about the absence (presence) of tax arrears on the date of proposal submission
  4.  Breakdown of the balance sheet item "Fixed assets" as of the last reporting date, signed by the first manager or an authorized representative of the prospective partner and certified by the seal of the prospective partner (if any).
  5.  Breakdown of accounts receivable and payable on the last reporting date, signed by the first manager or an authorized representative of the prospective partner and certified by the seal of the prospective partner, with indication of the date of their formation and expected repayment, and the purpose of debt ( for what the debt was formed), the amount of accrued reserves for their depreciation. If bank loans are available, copies of bank loan agreements with schedules of repayment of principal debt and interest shall be attached.
  6. a letter of guarantee of a prospective partner that it is solvent, not subject to liquidation, its property is not seized, its financial and economic activities have not been suspended, that it has not been held liable for non-performance or improper performance of its obligations over the past three years on the basis of a court decision, which came into force.
  7. legal entities for which the legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan establish the mandatory audit, also submit an audit report for the last financial year.
  8. Notarized copy of the Charter.
  9. Certificate of the registered legal entity, branch or representative office on the date of submission of the application.
  10. Original certificate of the bank or branch of the bank with a signature and a seal, in which prospective partner is served, about absence of overdue debts on all types of liabilities of the prospective partner, lasting more than three months, preceding the date of certificate issue, to the bank or branch according to the Standard plan of accounts of accounting in the second-level banks and mortgage companies, approved by the Resolution of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan. If the prospective potential partner is a customer of several second-tier banks or branches, as well as of a foreign bank, this certificate shall be submitted from each of such banks.