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Food Contract Corporation announces the start of the forward purchase of grain from agricultural producers

National Company Food Contract Corporation Joint-Stock Company announces the start of the forward purchase of grain from agricultural producers


The principal terms of the forward purchasing:

provision of guarantees of legal entities and individuals who are shareholders/participants/owners of the counterparty's business (guarantees of third parties) as security for the performance of obligations);

amount of advance payment:

for wheat Triticum aestivum L. 3 class - 52 000 tenge per 1 ton (for VAT payers), 46 429 tenge per 1 ton (for VAT non-payers);

for class 2 barley - 43 000 tenge per 1 ton (for VAT payers), 38 393 tenge per 1 ton (for VAT non-payers) ,

with the subsequent payment of the remaining difference from the declared purchase price after the delivery of wheat and/or barley, differentiated depending on the quality of the purchased grain;

delivery time – October 1, 2019, inclusive.


Forward purchase is carried out from grain producers that meet the following requirements:

the implementation of the cultivation of grain not less than 3 years;

proper performance of obligations under the forward purchase agreements concluded with the Corporation earlier, at the same time, at least for 1 year, the performance should be the supply of grain;

no overdue liabilities to second-tier banks, subsidiaries of the KazAgro Holding JSC and other financial institutions, as well as to third parties, if such information is available;

absence in the lists of insolvent debtors declared bankrupt on the basis of a court decision on the current date;

absence of initiated bankruptcy and rehabilitation procedures for the period from January 2018 to the current date;

absence of judicial acts on recovery of the amount/compulsory execution of obligations in respect of the grain producer, the guarantor (shareholder/participant/business owner of the counterparty);

no disputed legal relations with the Corporation.


Applications for participation in this program are accepted in the regional offices of NC Food Contract Corporation JSC at the following addresses:

Akmola region: Kokshetau, 19, M. Gorky str., tel.(8-716-2) 55-11-51, 55-11-54, 55-11-52, 42-25-22;

East-Kazakhstan region: Ust-Kamenogorsk, 30 Golovkov str., office 206, tel. (8-723-2) 25-44-77, 56-06-57;

Kostanay region: Kostanay city, 147 Tauelsizdik str., phone: (8-714-2) 53-11-44, 53-39-64, 53-29-12;

North-Kazakhstan region: Petropavlovsk, 160, Partizanskaya str., tel: (8-715-2) 42-27-24, 42-27-23, 42-26-36.


Additional information will be provided to you at:

Nur-Sultan, 29/3 Moscow str., tel.: (8 717-2) 59-12-48, 59-12-73, 59-12-65