13 июля - День общенационального траура в РК

Касым-Жомарт Токаев подписал распоряжение Об объявлении дня общенационального траура в Республике Казахстан в память о гражданах, ставших жертвами пандемии коронавируса.

Источник: akorda.kz


Phone: +7 (7172) 591-232;

Fax: +7 (7172) 591-283;

E-mail: mail@fcc.kz;

Helpline: +7 (7172) 591-284.

Agricultural products purchasing and sailing department:

 +7 (7172) 591-248, 591-276.


"NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC announces an auction to raise the price for the sale of immovable property

"NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC announces an auction to raise the price for the sale of immovable property: non-residential premise (a warehouse, the pasta-making shop), A. Litter: total area of 4 182,5 sq. m., cadastral number 20:317:044:096:263/A, located on a land plot with a total area of 11,2313 ha (share-0,2500 ha), cadastral number of the land plot 20-317-044-096 located at Almaty, Turksibskiy distr., Suyunbai Ave., 263, РКА0201300125986801 (hereinafter – the property).

Auction held on March 20, 2019 at 10: 00 am Astana time at the address of Almaty city, Turksibskiy distr., Suyunbai Ave., 263. 

Applications for participation in the auction are accepted at: Astana, Moskovskaya str., 29/1 (copy on e-mail: M.Abdirashitova@FCC.kz) until 09.00 hours Astana time on March 19, 2019 and after receipt of the guarantee fee.

(a) procedure for auction to an increase in prices;

b) starting price - 218 476 135 tenge;

C) guarantee fee - 32 771 420.25 tenge (15 % of the starting price) and is paid before the application for participation in the auction on the following details:

Requisites for transfer of the guarantee fee:

"NC "Food Contract Corporation" JSC,

Astana, 29/3 Moskovskaya str.

BIN 950440000101

Beneficiary Code 16

IIC: KZ786010111000331641

BIK (sort code): HSBKKZKX

"Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan" JSC.

d) the guarantee fee is set off against purchase price in the amount of 15% of the sale price of Property. The remaining amount is paid no later than 5 calendar days from date of signing the contract of sale;

e) form of payment - non-cash payment;

e) price change step - 3 % of the starting price;


Trustee: Meruert Seitkalikyzy Abdrashitova, Astana, 29/1 Moskovskaya str., tel.: 591-277, 8-775-152-23-52.